M.S. Line LTD is based on experience of 2 generations of forwarding and custom clearing.

המייסד מר מנטש מרדכי

The matter starts with the establishment of the company M.MORDECHAY in the year 1932, a company for custom clearing & international forwarding, by the founder 

Mr. Mentesh Mordechay, that transferred his experience and reputation, that he acquired, to his son Mr.Dubi Mordechay, graduate of Business Administration and Economy, that has a private license of custom clearing & international forwarding.

The big experience of Dubi Mordechay, his buseness & public contacts and the international needs, brought to the international known name M. S. Line Ltd.

Mr. Dubi Mordechay and his wife Mrs. Shlomit (Shuli) Mordechay are the owners of the family business, called from the year 1993, M.S. Line Ltd.




Top line professionals, workers and advisers, in the various fields of this business have joined forces in order to ship your cargo in the best cost & efficiency. A company that would provide an “umbrella” of all freight services, taking advantage of the accumulated experience of each and every member of the team, for the implementation of its targets and the solving of problems in real time.

The company has an excellent team of skilled and aggressive sales staff, covering the entire country.


The management structure is based on an executive management which both holds a substantial share of the company ‘s capital and executive shares, and is closely involved in its management and in the determination of its policies and objectives, thus enabling it to be flexible and adjust itself to changing circumstances within cubersome formalities. 


The company ‘s staff, led by its share-holders, applies a systematic and unconventional approach to problems that arise, displaying flexibility and originality in analysis of situations, seeking unconventional solutions to the challenges that face the company every hour.

The company has drawn up a Five-Year Plan designed to increase the volume of freight services handled and its transactions, by at least 80% per annum.

The business projection for M.S. Line LTD and indeed the ambition of its management, is to turn the company into a consortium for freight services users and for all the custom agencies nation wide.


M.S. Line Ltd. equipped with powered network Computer Server with terminals among the users at the head office and branches.

The company has an on-line connection to the custom authorities, in which all the custom clearing prices is being made and cleared on real time in the company’s offices.

The above mentioned clearing system is a brand new one, and is operated only in some of the major custom agents in Israel.


All the communication with the company must be addressed only to M.S. Line Ltd. head office, as per the list attached, by phone, fax and e-mail.

About M.S. Line LTD