Custom clearing servicesM.S LINE LTD - FREIGHT SERVICES

We are doing custom clearing for dangerous and non-dangerous cargo, export and import, air and sea. We are connected by a central computer that is connected directly to the custom authority, which enables fast and correct clearing. The docs are passed automatically, directly and quickly from the forwarding department to the custom clearing department, that is doing also classification and valuation.

The owner, Mr.Dubi Mordechay, who is by himself a custom clearing agent, knows all the classification, the regulations and legalization of the Israeli custom low, and under his responsibility, a skilled staff is giving the best possible service. We are providing the client, for each import/export, the expected calculation of charges (detailed), so that the client can prepare himself in advance, having the calculation of the costs for his import/export.

We are taking care for all legalization needs, such as license and permission from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Economic, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Agriculture, Standard Institute, Wine Institute, Ministry of Quality of The Environment.

We obtain special non exemption condition for custom.

Custom clearing services