Inland TransportationM.S LINE LTD - FREIGHT SERVICES

M.S. Line provides overland freight transport from any collection point to any destination, while emphasizing high standards of service and compliance with supply times and while providing transport solutions for all types of cargo arriving at airports and seaports.

We supply a variety of overland freight transport solutions in Israel and internationally for a variety of goods packed in a variety of ways, including regular containers, special equipment, partial cargos and complex cargos.

Customers are aware that overland freight transport is part of a chain of logistic processes: international freight forwarding from the manufacturer/exporter, customs clearing at seaports and airports, packing and overland transport to the importer. M.S. Line’s overland transport division coordinates all processes involved in overland transport for you in the best possible way in order to ensure the optimal results, with each customer and cargo receiving the highest standards of service.

Inland Transportation